Deepening Somatic Practice Series

getting curious about anger

Getting Curious About Anger;

From Depression to Vitality

A workshop for Healing Arts professionalS

Spring Dates Cancelled- Coming in-person Fall 2023
Spring in Newfoundland is tricky:
We received interest in the Getting Curious about Anger workshop but the schedule didn’t work for many folks.
Please email if you are interested in Fall dates and sign up to receive updates or to be part of a Fall Deepening Somatic Practice cohort. 


There are widely held cultural norms about anger. Anger is also a primary human experience, and is connected to survival and underlying vitality. 

For some, anger activates default adaptive responses in the body, in particular when a person has learned that freezing or appeasing is the only safe response to real violence in our world.

Others, like a pressure cooker or a volcano, try to keep anger locked down until the container explodes, and angry outburst behaviors dominate, despite their best intentions.

In this small-group, in-person workshop series facilitated by somatic therapist Lori Clarke, (PhD, CCC, SEP) participants will explore anger, including embodiments of irritation, frustration and aggression, and reflect on the implications for our work as therapists. Engaging with our own anger, and creating safe spaces for client anger, we can move from embodiments of depression and stuckness, to movement and life force.

Getting Curious about Anger invites participants to dispel fears and untangle assumptions about anger, in a safe environment and with the support of movement, reflection, and connection.


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"The fear of rage is also the fear of violence – both toward others and against oneself...  frequently, traumatized people inadvertently turn this rage against themselves in the form of depression, self-hatred and self-harm.

Peter Levine